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Arrogant Psychological projection by Corvette owners. They make an average of $90,000+ a year and assume teens with Civics or other economical import are ignorant for not buying a Corvette or 500hp Mustang. For some reason they have the delusional thought that a 17 year old working at Wal-Mart or Auto Zone can afford a $55,000 uninsurable car that gets 16 MPG @ 3.55 a gallon. They claim these teens spent 50 grand on their Civics but really most are just 3000 dollar cars with a loud muffler, crappy wing and a K&N air filter.

These guys are usually the same assholes that think everyone not on a crappy Harley-Davidson wants one.
Corvette Frank: When are going to get rid of that ricer and get a Corvette.

Teenager: That's a typical Vette owners Corvette Logic. I'll get one when McDonalds starts paying $120,000 a year. Dude I could not pay your insurance rates and you are 58.

Corvette Frank: Back in my day I had a 1965 Pontiac GTO 389/360hp

Teenager: Let me know when gas hits 29 cents a gallon again and Maybe I'll get one.
by Harley Earl April 15, 2008
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