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What you call a Trans Am, Firebird or Camaro. Old GM would cut cost and makes knock-offs or variations of their own products

The Term Came about since they are almost the same cars and the owner would likely be as happy with the opposite of what they own since it's the same with exceptions being minor interior change, some trim, grill, tail-lights, wheels. These cars share many of the same components and design. This still happens but being more conscience of a wiser consumer interiors and exteriors are much different than sister cars unlike the 70s-90s.
Skeeter bought an IROC-Z and later saw a Firebird Formula in the same color. Skeeter didn't really giver a crap since both are really TransCamaros.

GM brought you the TransCamaro and the Oldsmnova. Is it a Chevrolet Nova, a Pontiac Ventura or an Oldsmobile Omega? Unless you're a collector no few care.

A Ford version of the TransCamaro was the Mustang/Capri.
by Harley Earl December 24, 2011
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