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The Firebird Formula is the most badass car you can buy for under 20 grand. Its the best Firebird you can buy surpassing the horsepower and torque of the Firebird Trans Am and completely anilates any pussy that drives a Mustang. Often referred to as the best american muscle car ever made considering its light weight and alot of horsepower. The car looks really good with the WS6 ram air hood and t-tops. This car is all around the most badass motherfucking pussy stomping mustang killing beast you can buy for almost nothing not to mention burns rubber like a male pornstar fucking a hooker. If you come across a Firebird Formula its generally not a good idea to race it considering it will shit on your stupid fucking import that you got from the cheap ass chinese bastards.
Person 1: Did you see that Civic get smashed?
Person 2: Yeah but what the hell was he racing?
Person 3: That there gentalmen is a fucking "Firebird Formula"
Person 1: Damn! I want one of those badasses
Person 2: Hellz Yeah bitches
by MustangKiller October 19, 2011
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