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An incredibly informal greeting. Actually an abbreviation of "Hey You!"
Shortened to convenience those of us too damned lazy to put definate spaces between our words...
"Heya! H'are ya doin'?"
by HanpanX May 19, 2003

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Inducing of nice, happy, warm, fuzzy, comforting, cuddling feelings...

See also: love, bliss
He hugged her adamly, for he loved her more than the world itself.
by HanpanX November 04, 2004

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The state of being so "WONDERFUL" that any third party attempting to define such an event is unable to gather and express its thoughts in a coherent manner...
"your wondefl... i jest luv you sew macho dat i cannot... fukk this," said the girl to her boyfriend as she, entranced by his simple goodness, proceeded to fuck his brains out...
by HanpanX November 08, 2004

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A term used to describe the act of firing a heavy caliber round of an explosive weapon directly into someone's face at point blank range.
Quick! Give that vampire-bastard Butt-Sex-To-The-Face!!!
by HanpanX May 19, 2003

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See Matrix...
Then add steroids, screw character development, but keep the actor who's catch phrase happens to be, "Yeah..." or "All right..."
The Matrix Reloaded was bad-ass! I took a piss in the middle and didn't miss anything but repetative fight sequences!
by HanpanX May 19, 2003

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