7 definitions by HPB

during anal sex, you pull out and the hole is open wide, then you pop your penis back in and again pull it all the way out; this is repeated several times.
many pornos have this.
by HPB April 06, 2003
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A group of renegade vigilantes, who have been noted for causing every form of mishief and chaos know to man. also see HPB.
"Damn the HPB really fucked me up they pepper sprayed me then quick sealed me in my car as i was recovering, then proceeded to take a shat on the hood of my car"
by HPB April 05, 2003
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When you shit and whipe your ass and its clean. *then you look in the toilet, the shit went down the hole, thus simulating the effect that your shit never existed.

*the first condition is enough to constitute a ghost shit.
by HPB April 05, 2003
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A group of teenage renegades who spray HPB and a happy faces everywhere they go. also see Happy Phace Bandits
by HPB April 06, 2003
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When your doin a girl in the ass and she farts, her ass opens up and then closes on your cock.
"*Fart*, Geee Jillian, thanks for the wind tunnel!"
by HPB April 05, 2003
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the aberviation of "small penis"
also a method of recording on a video camera
"john has an SP Itty Bitty"
by HPB April 05, 2003
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