The sound made when a man ejaculates after any sort of sexual maneuver or orgasm-inducing action. This word can also describe a attractive female or be used as a verb to describe a sexual eruption. Noise is usually made while motioning masturbation with one or two hands.
(during ejaculation) "GEEEEE!"

Kyle- "I would geee all over that slampiece"
Gary- "Dude that chick is geee-licious."

Doug- "Yo try this Chipotle burrito it's fucking fantastic"
Brady- "(shakes violently as he chews) uh uh uh...GEEE!"
by The Last of the Brohicans October 25, 2010
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When your doing ur boyfriend and u punch him in the back of the head and he tightens up and u pee in his butt
Josh was Doin Tyler in the butt and Josh punched Tyler in the head and he tightens up and Josh pees everywhere while screaming OH MAH GEEE
by OH MAH GEE December 21, 2004
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