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(thēv-in) .v.

: the act of taking something from another, whether it be the theft of time, items/possessions, and people in which one may be involved in any form of relationship with.
Chelsea stole my idea. She straight thievin!
How are you going to just take his girl like that? Straight thievin, you have no loyalty.
by Tom_Atoe February 05, 2014
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Acting like,

Gabriella Ortiz
Natalie Neie
Emily Ramsey.

"You guys are stealing from us. You the definition of stealing!" -dumbass.

"So now we thievin' " -the pathetic ones. ;)
by stealers. March 13, 2012
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Adverb, Advective (Noun in some cases)-When someone is cheating in a game or a player embarrasses an opponent (takes someones life, breaks someone's ankles, or schools someone in a game)
Example 1: "That's a foul man" "Stop thievin' you know that was clean boi!"
Example 2: *player dunks on opponent* "This man is thievin bodies on the court right now!"
by Pops21 January 16, 2017
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