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Scraped skin wound (minor to serious in extent) caused by abrasive contact with pavement surface in vehicle accident, most often motorcycles.
Dumbass got some serious roadrash when he laid his chopper down the other night!
by Grizzly IX September 4, 2006
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An "old school" Biker term for any male who packs on the back of another guy's bike for ANY reason than an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY!
Those weekend warriors are so lame as thinkin' nothin' of ridin' Butt Buddy!
by Grizzly IX September 1, 2006
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Another term (alt: sissy bar) for the vertical fender strut, passenger handhold combo on some, mostly custom choppers & other motorcycles, referring to the almost exclusive female designation of the rear passenger of said chopper; i.e: the bar that the bitch hangs on to.
"Didja get a loada that skyscraper bitch bar Crazy has on tha back of his new chopper?"
by Grizzly IX September 4, 2006
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Old School Biker term for a crash where the bike and rider slide over the outer edge (highside) of a curve form losing traction due to wet or rough pavement, excessive speed, or, more than likely, simply showing one's ASS, drunk, stoned or sober!
Dumbfuck was drunk & stupid, showin' his ass when he highsided off Deadman's Curve!
by Grizzly IX September 1, 2006
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1.shower shoes or flip-flops. (From VietNam military slang)
2.any Jap or other Asian built compact or sub-compact car
3.any "Ricky CrotchRocket" pseudo-racing type bike, also known as a "bugsickle".
1. "Don't go in the gym shower without your gook scooters or you'll get jungle rot!"
2. "Did you see the new gook scooter Suzy Creamcheese just bought? It's a stinkin' Toyota!"
3. Like a bug hitting a windshield, the last thing that went thru Ricky's mind when he hit the truck on his gook scooter was HIS ASS!
by Grizzly IX August 20, 2006
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Any lame-ass punk who runs around 'playin' tha Biker, wearing the drug store crap (t-shirts, wallets, etc) Especially from OCC & WCC without knowing what THE DUES are! much less having PAID them!!!
Any sidewalk commando can buy tha crap at Wally World, but I've NEVER seen one with tha BALLS ta pay his DUES!!!!
by Grizzly IX September 1, 2006
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An "Old School" Biker term, now, with the advent of HIV-AIDS, Herp-C and other incurable and fatal STD's, nearly defunct, refering to a slut that will fuck all dudes at a party or run who want tha pussy & don't mind sloppy seconds(or fifths, tenths, twentyeths, or whatever)
I still hardly believe that cunt turnout fucked every Brother in tha Club!
by Grizzly IX September 4, 2006
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