Abbreviation for a car customization shop know as West Coast Customs located in California.
You wanna throw some dubs on that Cadillac Escalade?
Sure im such a car noob im gonna have to send it to WCC to do it.
by cookie what? September 5, 2007
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The White Converse Cult. Most recruits come from your local schools. The people wear their white converse on every Thirteen of the month and go to houses at night and tear the warm blankets off people's feet and make them freeze. Then they chop the feet off because, hey, you don't have white converse.
Person 1: Bruh have you heard of the WCC?
Person 2: Yea it's a college right?

Person 1: yOu dONt eVen knOw
by FEARTHEWCC March 3, 2017
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Walthamstow Chess Club. A group of Southend based promoters who put on club nights and live gigs...Never to be messed with, despite their skills with their knights and Bishops they'll merk you in you get too close.
Who's hitting the Railway Hotel tonight? It's a WCC Night.
by WCCSouthend September 10, 2010
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the Aperture Science Enrichment Center's solution to getting stabbed in the back, and to friends who talk, but never listen.

I recently took part an Aperture Science Enrichment Center test and got to keep my WCC. Although I did lose an arm *sigh* but I think it's a fair trade ^_^
by Batosai3591 April 14, 2008
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