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Scraped skin wound (minor to serious in extent) caused by abrasive contact with pavement surface in vehicle accident, most often motorcycles.
Dumbass got some serious roadrash when he laid his chopper down the other night!
by Grizzly IX September 03, 2006
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Skin abrasions from sliding on the pavement after a cycle accident.
I got a bad case of road rash in that particular crash.
by Capt Beef July 29, 2003
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Getting a ball sack rubbed repeatedly on your face.
During my bang session with that whore Molly, I rubbed my nuts on her face and gave her road rash!
by PeteyPaplo October 28, 2018
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Chafing, redness, bumps or rash on a woman between the thigh and labia
"Man, the road rash on my rumble strip is killing me!"
by Rumble bitch August 03, 2012
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commonly acquired from bailing at top speed while operating a multi-wheeled street plunging apparatus, especially a skateboard or inline skates, road rash is a slang term used to describe the assorted flesh wounds resulting from such dangerous behavior. often, the term is used by one seeking to elaborate and intensify his/her recent extreme skate adventures. depending on the severity of the road rash, one may experience prolonged bleeding, pussing, and uncomfortable stinging. discoloration, scabs, and scarring of the epidermis is common. there is little treatment for road rash; keep wounds clean, refrain from furthur injury and stay away from the streets, rest, and consult your doctor if necessary. otherwise, enjoy showing off scars and battle wounds to your friends and anyone else interested.
so dude i was bombing twin peaks the other day on my longboard at like 40 and this frickin car comes barreling around the corner and i clip his bumper and hit the pavement. i slid at least 10 feet and i took some serious road rash on my body. hopefully i'll be back on my board in the next few weeks and i can take the whole thing yo.
by bombhillsnotcountries August 02, 2005
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The automotive equivalent of snowburn. Also a popular Electronic Arts videogame from the mid-1990s on the Sega Megadrive.
I was playing Road Rash the other day, then I went out to do the same on my motorbike, and got road rash.
by l337 haxx0r March 27, 2004
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