Scraped skin wound (minor to serious in extent) caused by abrasive contact with pavement surface in vehicle accident, most often motorcycles.
Dumbass got some serious roadrash when he laid his chopper down the other night!
by Grizzly IX September 4, 2006
imaginary record label you sign a band/artist/cd to as you chuck their cd angrily out of your passenger side window
going 90 mph down the highway
Paul's taste in music is so horrible that when he made me a mix of his wife's favorite hits for me to listen to I instantly signed it to roadrash.
by norftown702 January 23, 2009
The feeling after you take a fat bong rip and ur throat hurts and then drink something carbonated. Then it hurts your throat & feels rly weird to swallow.
Emily took a huge hit from the bong & drank coke, she got the grimiest RoadRash.
by Poptartssmellbad September 13, 2020
An alcoholic drink made of; 2 shots of stoli, soda water in ice, lime wedge, and two splashes of tobasco. Usually ordered in a club, mostly enjoyed with live music.
Bartender, can I have a randy roadrash for the beautiful woman who followed me here, and a beer for myself?
by Matty Grey March 26, 2015
When a condom loses it's lubrication and causes an abrasive burn inside a vagina or anus.
Those Walmart condoms lost their lube so quick I had sexual roadrash within the first 3 minutes.
by S. M. Archer January 26, 2011