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A biker with grease under his nails, a need for the road to stretch out in front of him but without a care for destinations. This does not depend on the brand he straddles or even his age.

More often than not you can define them by what they are not. You will not find them hanging around a starbucks, ice cream stand or trendy new spot.

Their bikes will only be put on a trailer by a repo man.

They ride in the rain and snow.

They recognize that OCC, Arlen Ness, Roland Sands and Bourget are great American Artisans... but they don't build anything worth riding.
Look at that dirty Nomad, talk about old school.

It takes a real old school biker to put chains on his tires and make a beer run in a snow storm.
by John "Ox" November 05, 2008
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