6 definitions by Greg Withnail

(noun) A penis whose diameter exceeds, or is equal to, its length.
-y (adjective) Of or pertaining to such a penis.
"Eww Mum, check out this choady banana!"

Ronnie Corbett is a celebrity choad.
by Greg Withnail September 24, 2012
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adj. deviant sexual activity/item which has fallen out of fashion or been abandoned due to old age, penile rupture, or court order. May also be applied to an ex-partner whose distasteful proclivities scared you away.
adv. (-ly)
1. My pervious girlfriend kept bees and wanted to baste my knob with honey.
2. Tangerine scented joy jelly is a popular lubricant, but perviously butter was favoured in Paris.
by Greg Withnail August 10, 2012
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The annoying person seated immediately in front of you on a long coach or aeroplane journey.
"Hey, the Cunt in Front just reclined his seat straight into my chicken chasseur!"
by Greg Withnail August 13, 2011
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(noun) Material created in commemoration of a relatively insignificant anniversary in an attempt to draw visitors to your website or shop.

(verb) To create or promote such material.

Derivation: Named after the cutesie cartoons which periodically stand in for the logo of a popular search engine.
Commemorating Edmund Halley's 335th birthday is a Desperate Doodle. Commemorating his 400th will not be.
by Greg Withnail November 8, 2011
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The process of taking an online shopping order to the brink of completion in order to get information about shipping cost etc, which the website will not otherwise give.
Dammit! I was edging a £500 order the day before payday, and accidentally completed the transaction.
by Greg Withnail October 13, 2015
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The small triangular space visible between the tops of a woman's thighs when wearing tight (or no) clothing. The idea being "once you're there, you're laughing!"
Gina's shadow fell across him as he lay on the sand. Propping himself on one elbow, he squinted up at her. The setting sun winked through her chuckle gap.
by Greg Withnail February 1, 2007
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