adj. deviant sexual activity/item which has fallen out of fashion or been abandoned due to old age, penile rupture, or court order. May also be applied to an ex-partner whose distasteful proclivities scared you away.
adv. (-ly)
1. My pervious girlfriend kept bees and wanted to baste my knob with honey.
2. Tangerine scented joy jelly is a popular lubricant, but perviously butter was favoured in Paris.
by Greg Withnail August 10, 2012
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You are the most pervious human I have ever met in my life.
by jenni1123 October 29, 2010
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To be more of a pervert then the person that is doing the perving.
"Be more pervious then that pervert!"
by Gabbzie. January 27, 2009
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1.) When the level of a person's perverted nature is obvious and above average they are Pervious
2.) Someone innocent who's pants are really easy to get into
1.) Don't be so pervious around my family please. You're embarrassing me!
2.) Buy him one drink and he's totally pervious.
by Manrate July 9, 2018
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