The annoying person seated immediately in front of you on a long coach or aeroplane journey.
"Hey, the Cunt in Front just reclined his seat straight into my chicken chasseur!"
by Greg Withnail August 13, 2011
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look hard in front of your friends when in fact you are an insecure vulnerable wreck. just call everyone a cunt, whether you like them or not, to prove to the world that you don't care what people think (despite the fact that you actually measure your life around what other people think).
"that guy's so cool. i wish i could be him."
"but you just called him a cunt"
"yeah. that's just my cunt front. get over it you cunt."
by jhsb February 7, 2008
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when a woman has a "front butt" aka fupa which is the fatty vagina/stomach and it looks like she has a butt on the front of her, and someone cunt punts her (a strong swift kick to the cunt). the cunt punt of the front butt if done properly will cause a wave of fat rolls up her stomach. It really is quite a sight to behold.
actual convo: Cunt punt her front butt But u gotta hit the vag part of the vagumic or it’s not a cunt punt in the front butt. if she has a fupa whch is the stomach that hangs down aka Dunlap’s disease (her belly dunlapped over her belt) someone needs the assist by lifting said fupa to cunt punt the front butt
by Twat waffle 1981 March 13, 2018
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When something is clearly outside of the male knowledge realm and you gotta let the ladies take the lead.
Guy: Oh crap, this next trivia round is on Sex and the City.
Girl: Ok ladies, looks like cunts to the front on this one.
by prognosticator December 10, 2017
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