37 definition by Greenie

A 'human' usually found in Adelaide who is from the family kerreous maximus. This 'Kerr' as he is commonly known is a PRICK and loves brown docking
The loser nobody likes
by Greenie April 17, 2005

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Indian pop music. A play on the term "indie pop".
Daler Mehndi is the king of Hindi pop.
by Greenie December 04, 2003

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Meaning, to dig through the trash. Comes from "Jasper," the name of someone notorious for messing with trash cans.
I dropped my ring in the garbage and had to jasp for it.
by greenie November 14, 2004

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To have a leeeeeg is to chillout and relax because you are buggin' out. Dickheads often use this word in particular the creator.
leeeeegee) Oh man why did you do that?
leeeeeger) Have a leeeeeg man!!
by Greenie May 05, 2005

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When the man puts his tongue up the anus of another man then swirls his tongue around as the other man deficates and the resultant faeces looks like a hurricane. the faeces is then eaten by both parties.
Guy 1) dude i could go for an ice cream right about now
Guy 2) lets just have a brown hurricane
by Greenie April 17, 2005

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disugsting, grose
"shit that mouldy cheese sandwedge is manky"
by Greenie June 22, 2004

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An imaginary ambulance that comes when shit heads don't have a leeeeeeg. Someone who always gets randomly stressed out and needs a cry is in dire need for a wambulance.
shithead: waaa waaa waaa
man: shut-up Kerr...have a wambulance
by Greenie May 05, 2005

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