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From the greek phrase, 'olla kalla,' meaning, 'all's good' Also, 'O.K.'
"How's your little sister doing?"
"Shes okay."
by Gnome February 07, 2005

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to have some sort of intense sexual tension between yourself and a member of the desired gender
Oh my god... last night.....it was just so intense between karen and i....we have got some serious sexual bacon, me and her.
by Gnome February 05, 2005

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1. Hater supreme.
2. A person know for his preternatural intolerance of chat-tards.
3. A person who makes Kofax and Chill into his bitches regularly.
4. A chat loser with a small wang.
Wicked Gnome made Chill and Kofax cry like the bitches they are.
by Gnome March 28, 2005

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a penis large enough to could hurt someone, not only during the act of sexual intercourse, but also by slapping it across some shylock's face
"donkey dicks waver in the summer breeze"

"ouch, my shylock face was just thwacked by a wavering donkey dick!"

"my penis is the size of the eiffel tower...i shall name it, Sir Donkey Dick"
by Gnome November 21, 2005

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"To Fawn" Doing the fawn, invented by a yound chap named Dav; a hideously effeminate prance across the room with one hand above your head, the other cradled in before the (preferably hairy)hest and one leg cocked coyly in front...inspired by Mr Tumnus. An excuse for otherwise manly men to get all gay
Do the Fawn! Dav! DAV! DO IT YOU QUEEF!
by gnome October 22, 2004

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Definition #2 above is completely incorrect. For that definition to be applicable, one must look up the word: POON. P-O-O-N is the correct spelling.
Kevin Michael McAlpine is a POON.
by Gnome November 21, 2004

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1. A mule with a large feedbag. Is known to throw tantrums and cry if feedbag is lost.
2. Someone only able to contain 2 thoughts in their head, i.e. Wilson or
3. An individual prone to mindless and pointless repetition.
4. An individual who's chin is permanently affixed to Chill's nuts.
5. A needy chat whore.
6. A skank who loves a good horse whipping.
Cherry is a cheap trick, she'll blow anyone for a bale of hay.
by Gnome March 28, 2005

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