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A speciallist bridge maintenance firm who like to advertise on the bridges they maintain.
This bridge maintained by GOURANGA
by Gertrude June 21, 2004

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a person who smokes marijuana quite often, and in public and risky places.
"look at all the creepa's on that bench"
by gertrude March 28, 2005

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a combination of flail and frolic; when one spins, skips, and waves arms violently. the funnest form of movement ever created
Let's go flailick in the snow.
by gertrude February 14, 2004

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Al Franken and Air America are the antidote to Rush Limbaugh
Thank god, it's time to listen to the Anti-Rush.
by gertrude October 29, 2004

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A nickname for someone who's name is Philip.
Flip is coming over later to wax it.
by Gertrude March 14, 2004

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