6 definitions by Gertrude

Al Franken and Air America are the antidote to Rush Limbaugh
Thank god, it's time to listen to the Anti-Rush.
by Gertrude October 29, 2004
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A speciallist bridge maintenance firm who like to advertise on the bridges they maintain.
This bridge maintained by GOURANGA
by Gertrude June 21, 2004
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The red dome light used by truckers at truck stops to let prostitutes know they want sex
Girls the party light is on in my big black peterbuilt
by Gertrude January 16, 2015
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a person who smokes marijuana quite often, and in public and risky places.
"look at all the creepa's on that bench"
by Gertrude March 29, 2005
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a combination of flail and frolic; when one spins, skips, and waves arms violently. the funnest form of movement ever created
Let's go flailick in the snow.
by Gertrude February 15, 2004
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A nickname for someone who's name is Philip.
by Gertrude March 15, 2004
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