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The practice of grabbing a woman's breasts while she is asleep.
My brother Owen photographed me giving that playboy model a good franken while she was napping between shows.
by hog_hell November 16, 2017
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To grope in a subtle yet direct way.
I can't wait to get around those chicks. I'll franken them.
by Frankenfine November 20, 2017
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(v) To cast light upon the abuse of power and find humor even in heinous times.
(n) a person of small size but infinite humor.
Despite the turdblossom's constant bullying on the playground, little Mikey was able to franken the situation by explaining to the other kids that the bully was overcompensating for having a small penis.
by Lawyerbot November 15, 2005
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a combined word meaning genetically engineered or unnaturally produced
Most ordinary people want to tell Monsanto to take their franken-beets and shove 'em. (example of franken-)
by The Return of Light Joker October 25, 2011
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the last name of Al Franken, SNL co-creator, writer, comedian, and staunch Liberal commentator who currently hosts a talk-show on liberal-leaning talk show network Air America Radio, based in NYC.

Has penchant for catching right-wing liars in thier tracks using their own words to paint right-wing idealogues in a proverbial corner. While being very well researched and documented, republican and right-wing personalities claim that Franken is not informed, but have yet to prove him wrong or win any lawsuit against him.

"Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right"

"Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot"
"Geez, that dude on CNN just got franken-ed! maybe he should have stopped lying to people sooner than that!"
by BigGunLefty January 08, 2005
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A celebrity who thinks that his Harvard education excuses him from the reprehensibility of his constant oversimplifying and bending of the truth. In addition, he writes books that sell based more on the fact that the general public is not truly informed, more than on the fact that they are well-written or contain insightful and truthful information.
by beelzebub October 01, 2003
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