97 definitions by Gerard Irick

is when someone wants somebody to feel sorry for them
Sometimes looking for a pity party makes you feel worse.
by Gerard Irick June 04, 2010
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to be on a urge to attack
When most people get frustrated they become aggressive
by Gerard Irick July 27, 2009
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a manipulation tactic by promising someone grief and sorrow if something not done a certain way
Denise ran a guilt trip on Nate by telling him to visit his estrange father in the hospital or he'll never have a chance to make amends with him.
by Gerard Irick October 19, 2008
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someone who is very assertive about getting something done
Sam was gung ho about getting those packages on the truck before his shift was over.
by Gerard Irick July 23, 2009
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To be overwhelmed with disappointment and grief from a boyfriend,girlfriend,friend,etc.
Sally was broken hearted when she found out John cheated on her.
by Gerard Irick August 08, 2007
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