Being finite.
I'm sick of this finity. All about location, power, and time... let's transcend this shit, this entire monkey business. Let's be free.
by Franko Unamerican July 31, 2009
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Just like the word infinity, but cooler.
Who has time for an "I" and an "N" anyway?
Dude 1: "Not It!"
Dude 2: "Not it!"
Dude 3: "Not it times finity!"

Dude 3 wins

(Times finity always wins, unless you stamp it. This can only be overruled by stamped it times finity)
by Borrisrishaw May 13, 2009
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The divine as countable.

The state of human beings as a finite set of consciousnesses.

The inability of human beings to attain sublimity due to the finite nature of their numbers.
Human beings are divine (god-selves (fiction)) but they can never be sublime (infinite self-gods).

Human beings try to reach an infinity of sets through sex.
by sandrashine December 29, 2018
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A cool, beautiful, nice, and adoring person. Sometimes may like to get what she wants, also may like to many people at the same time.
Your so Finiti with that smile
Your as beautiful as Finiti
by Stefaniee MeChikea November 24, 2010
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it meens hadleys got a fukin mungus arsed chin!!!!
cinderella sat on hiz face an sed lie bitch lie!!
by cole October 29, 2004
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A term used when on table in the grill area when working at McDonald's. The term is typically used when someone is on Side 2 all by themselves and they initiate and finish the sandwiches alone. Finitiating can also take place on Side 1 when the finisher either has to go to the bathroom, get a drink or some other non-work oriented task.
Side 1 Finisher: Hey, I'm gonna go refill the ketchup and grab a tray of reg buns in the back real quick.. are you alright finitiate for a minute?

Grill Manager: Worker 1 on Side 1 finishing.. Worker 2 on Side 1 initiating.. Worker 3, you'll be finitiating on Side 2.
by nutinurmacaroni January 07, 2016
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