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A feature in Mozilla Firefox and the upcoming Internet Explorer 7 that helps keep your taskbar clean by placing your web pages in tabs below the toolbars. Very useful.
Just because Internet Explorer 7 has tabbed browsing doesn't mean it's any less of a piece of shit.
by GWR Definition Agency August 03, 2006
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A generic positive integer between 665 and 667.
Come on, people. 666 is a fucking number!
by GWR Definition Agency August 01, 2006
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As far as any proof goes, the word "nosferatu" translates into absolutely nothing, although commonly used as a (type of) vampire.
Look up "nosferatu (word)" on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is your friend.
by GWR Definition Agency March 23, 2007
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The dumbass way to spell "low."
You hit an all-time lo.
by GWR Definition Agency July 18, 2005
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Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. You see their logo all over the house (assuming you live in America and have electricity). They help you make sure you choose safe electric-powered stuff.
My laptop has a UL in a circle under it.
by GWR Definition Agency January 01, 2005
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This computer game is chock full of bugs, glitches, an can cause an otherwise normal XP installation go blue screen seemingly at random... Oh, and it has something to do with vampires in L.A. in the World of Darkness or something. Hard to tell with those bugs. The storyline is good, but WTF is an RPG doing on the Source engine?
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is a steaming pile of spider poo. It's what happens when stupid video game companies (or software companies in general) release their works too early.
by GWR Definition Agency March 23, 2007
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