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I have to clap to you. The more you add on, the more you only prove my point. Kudos to you, pussy! And, if you don't like me so much, why the fuck do you keep responding back? Are you just so lonely, the closest human contact you can have is with someone thousands of miles away from you that you've never even seen the face of or even like? Are you that sad? Aw, it's a shame. But I'm done with you now. You're nothing. No, less than nothing. To waste typing on you would be calling you something, which your not.
Ah, Freak Obscene. You're like a pile of dog shit on the ground. You acknowledge it, try to forget the displeasure of it, walk over it, and move on. I'm walking over you and moving on. You're too much of a pussy-whip bitch to spend any more time responding back to your idiocy.
by G-Union July 08, 2004
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(N.) The biggest showdown between two evils that's 20 years in the making. Freddy Kruger Versus Jason Voorhees in Freddy Vs. Jason. The only movie in August 2003 that was worth seeing NOT Pie related. Released on DVD January, 13th, 2004.
Just to let you know in the DVD Alternate Ending, Jason won. (or did he...?)
by G-Union January 13, 2004
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The biggest Egomaniac on the planet. Hosts the show, "The Apprentice" and is said to have hair like a bird's nest? (Why the hell would you care about his hair when he just tosses five dollar bills out on the street everyday for people to scurry and try and get for fun?)
And now for Donald Trump's Fantasies:
"President Trump"
& his favorite,
"Menage a Trump"
by G-Union April 05, 2004
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(N.) An indivual who has come up with some rather, alarming and unusual Definitions to UrbanDictionary.com. Some kind of Jinx Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh nut job who has been said to have a bottle up her rectum. Called a "Yu-Gi-Fag."
Can I get fries with my Donkey Kong Song Meal? Oh, and also a Blue Eyes White Dragon DKS Toy. Yay! Now I can be like Yugi Pidgeotto, too. I summon the power of my Millenium Donkey Kong Song to help defeat Maximillion Unicorn!
by G-Union June 24, 2003
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(N.) An Old man who is a good producer, but sucks at Rapping, no matter how popular or "Original" or rich he is. Usually is liked by people who have no subjective views on Hip Hop and will listen to anything. Once again, Good Producer, Lame Mediocre at Best Rapper.
The kind of people who listen to Dr. Dre and his dull, slow, boring, Talk-like style of rap are probably HUGE fans of D12's Bizarre. If you can speak in a slow, dreary, drowsy tone, you can Rap like Dr. Dre.
by G-Union December 18, 2003
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(N.) Developed by Mr. Rich Texan, (whose past projects include Omni-Pave and Lisa Land)DKI is an international multinational corporation that makes millions of baby accident industry related projects each year. It's also where my Mom works at. (She invented the Baby Crutch)
Drowning Kid Industries is the best Baby Accident related company on the entire planet, so take that, Novelty Cartoon Bandages Inc.!
by G-Union July 23, 2003
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(N.) A new game that my cousin Matt, made up and thinks is going to sell millions of dollars. (Ah, sophmores. So young, so naive...)
Yugi Ketchum: Not so fast, Giovanni! Your Mewtwo's Hyper Beam attack won't deal any damage to my Charmander once I reveal my face-down item. Giovanni:No, not Bright Powder! Yugi K.:Yes, Bright Powder! That drops your Hyper Beam's accuracy down to 0% and my monster is still alive enough to use it's special technique, Body Slam! Giovanni:No, not that! My Mewtwo has become paralyzed, leaving your Charmander with the speed advantage! Yugi K.:And that's not all! I also activate this, Sunny Day, which will boost my Charmander's Fire-Type attacks by 200 attack points, while your monster, lies Fully Paralyzed and helpless! And I also activate this! A Critical Hit card! Giovanni:No, not a critical hit card! Yugi K.:And now... Giovanni:Oh no! Not that! Yugi K.:Fire Blast Attack! Your Mewtwo's life points have dropped down to zero. You lose, Giovanni! Giovanni:But how could I lose! My Mewtwo was unstoppable! My Millennium Pokedex assured me I couldn't lose! Yugi K.:It's all in the Heart of the Poke Balls, Giovanni! (you can thank Matt for all of this)
by G-Union May 16, 2003
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