9 definitions by G-Diddy

a slang term for a woman's clitoris, aka little man in the boat
I had to get ear muffs before I pressed her moan button, cause she's a screamer.
by G-Diddy April 20, 2005
Hide in the closet, and have your friend start having doggy sex with a chick with her facing away from the closet. Sneak out and switch with your friend. Extra points if you switch back.
Nate was boning this chick, then we changed on the fly and she didn't even notice.
by G-Diddy April 20, 2005
PZhang, a medium-quality Asian rapper. Rumored to excel at ultimate frisbee. Has PWNed and been PWNed many times in both SuperSmashBrothers and SuperSmashBrothers Melee. Jumps like a brother.

PZhang: verb. To PZhang - to give an awkward gift, such as a talking Neopet. To PZhang - to make love publicly to said Neopet, but still retain dignity.
Damn, PZhang can jump!

What the hell? Did you just give your mother a condom-dispenser? Why the hell would you PZhang her?
by G-Diddy April 18, 2005
a woman's clitoris, otherwise known as the moan button
Remember, when performing oral sex on your girlfriend, make sure to isolate the little man in the boat.
by G-Diddy April 20, 2005
A term used mostly in locker rooms. To accomplish this maneuver, rub two fingers thoroughly on your choda, then wipe your fingers just under someone's nose. Sometimes results in vomiting, and running away quickly is strongly advised after completing the swipe.
Dude, I haven't showered today, and I just gave Joe a choda swipe.
by G-Diddy March 22, 2005
The balloon pokemon. In the nintendo 64 game Super Smash Brothers, Jigglypuff is both the most underrated and the most powerful. Jigglypuff has the greatest PWNage quotient out of all SuperSmashBrothers characters. Simply amazing

Jigglypuff, the reaver of souls. Sits on the Throne of the Lord. Very pretty.
Awwww, shit. Let's run bitches, it's Jigglypuff. I know it's sad when a green elf with a sword has to run the hell away from a small, pinkish balloon.

Damnation! Jigglypuff gave me the clap again!
by G-Diddy April 18, 2005
A blond kid who goes to Vanderbilt. Had a kick-ass xanga... but it died. To this date, a competent yet undistinguished SuperSmashBrothers player. Often seen in conjunction with the mysterious Turner Batty.

Brettford - (archaic), the unquestioned source for all things political, taboo, and relating to BVN.
Oh I see Turner, but where's Brettford? Maybe he's hinding behind him.

Hey man... if you go to BVN, you should check out Brettford Archaic. It's the unquestioned source for all things political and taboo. And something else.
by G-Diddy April 18, 2005