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A round balloon Pokemon. Jigglypuff lures in enemies with it's round, cute eyes, and puts them to sleep with it's soothing song. When it's angry, it puffs up into an abnormally large size. It's body is fairly elastic. Jigglypuff evolves into a Wigglytuff when exposed to a Moon Stone. When two Jigglypuffs or Wigglytuffs breed, they result in an Igglybuff. That makes the Evolution Chain:
Igglybuff > Jigglypuff > Wigglytuff
Jigglypuff is a Normal-Type Pokemon, and usually isn't the best choice, even as Wigglytuff.
Jigglypuff's Japanese name is Purin, and it has a huge fanbase there. Enough to have it as a character in Super Smash Brothers.
by ShadowNinjaGuy June 17, 2004
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A recurring character in the early episodes of the show pokemon. It has a black marker which serves as its microphone, and is often found popping out and singing at large crowds. Unfortunately for it, most who listens to its song end up falling asleep fairly quickly, a fact that annoys it so much that it will use its marker/microphone to scribble all over its audiences' faces (after inflating in anger with a signature "honk" sound).
Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff! *sings* Ji-gga-ly puff Jiggaly-puff... *stops and looks around* Puff? *goes angry* Honk!
*Some time later*
Jigglypuff's audience: *yawn* That was a nice nap... WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE?
by RegalStar January 30, 2008
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Girls who has enormous boobs perfect for motorboating.
Ash: Did you see those Jigglypuffs?
Tom: No, I hate those Pokemon.
Ash: Not those. THOSE! (points at huge bouncy boobs)
by King Jigglypuffs May 15, 2013
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A Pokemon that sang a song that was able to put people to sleep.
Ash Catch'em: Jiggly Puff, I choose you!!
(after jiggly puff sings)
Ash : Zzzzzz.....(dreams of men)
by Andoo December 15, 2005
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1. Pokemon #39 in the Kanto Pokedex. It is a Pink Balloon Pokemon with big round eyes. It's specialty is lulling opponents to sleep with a mysterious tune.
2. A character in the Super Smash Bros. series. It, along w/ Pikachu have represented the Pokemon games since the first SSB. Along with its hypnotic voice, it is armed with some punches and kicks, as well as a devastating move known as "Rest."
1. The Blastoise's deep slumber was probably due to a singing Jigglypuff.

2. Jigglypuff is not to be underestimated. Although she's light and easy to KO, she still a force to be reckoned with.
by Gopi D. February 02, 2005
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Of or pertaining to a certain Smash Brothers Character which deals inordinate amounts of pain. Also known as "The Destroyer of Worlds" (archaic - "Master of Destruction").
Run the hell away! It's Jigglypuff, Destroyer of Worlds, archaic Master of Destruction!
by Hot Pastrami December 19, 2004
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