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A misspelling of "babe", "baby", or "bay" or a "cool" way of saying "babe", "baby", or "bae". Most people who use bae think they are cool, when they aren't. It is similarly overused like the words nigger, gay, and retard.
Guy: Hey bae
Gal: You don't need to keep using the word "bae". Unless you have speech problems maybe?
Guy: Aww bae you broke my heart
Gal: GTFO this planet
by FunkDaBeat October 04, 2014

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A Cumbernauld Sausage is like a Cumberland Sausage, but made by an unemployed scumbag living on the streets. It is full of dirt and looks like something dumped inside the Cumbernauld Town Centre. Popular with homeless people in that area, but universally hated in other towns.
I had a Cumbernauld Sausage last night. It was disgusting!
by FunkDaBeat September 21, 2014

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1. An author on Urbandictionary.com. Known for making definitions for sex-related words.
2. A pervert that lives in an urban area. Usually likes to go round looking up ladies' skirts.
1. Have you heard of Urban Pervert? His definitions on Urbandictionary.com are gross!
2. Check out that urban pervert looking up peoples' skirts!
by FunkDaBeat October 02, 2014

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A settlement with a population usually between 200 and 3500. Villages are usually larger than hamlets but smaller than towns. However Ecclesfield in England is an exception, which has a population of 33,000 (a population that could pass for a town).

Most villages have a church, a school or nursery, and a shop. If the village does not have at least one of these features, it would usually be classed as a hamlet.

A lot of villages are rural or semi-rural. However, some villages may be directly joined onto a town or city, thus classing it as a suburb.
Luss is a small village in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It has a church, a small primary school, and a couple of restaurants and shops.
by FunkDaBeat September 27, 2014

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1. A form of sausage that originated in the ancient county of Cumberland, England, now part of Cumbria. They are traditionally very long, and sold rolled in a flat, circular coil, but within western Cumbria they are more often served in long curved lengths. There is also a rip-off of the Cumberland sausage called the Cumbernauld sausage, which is popular in Cumbernauld. The Cumbernauld sausage also has a rip-off called the Condorrat Sausage.

2. A penis that is like a Cumberland sausage (long, curled up). Some women like penises this long, but others do not. When the guy gets a boner, his trousers usually fall down. If the guy puts breadcrumbs on his Cumberland sausage, it will instantly make the woman who sees it faint.
1. For dinner tonight I'm having a Cumberland sausage. What are you having, a Cumbernauld sausage?

2. Have you seen that dude with the Cumberland sausage? He creeps me out.
by FunkDaBeat October 04, 2014

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People that work for the site Urbandictonary.com. They are notorious for rejecting well-written definitions. Jeez what is wrong about writing about a Scottish village or an obscure video game?
Person 1: Look what I wrote about Balloch!
Person 2: That's well written.
Person 1: Ok, I'll submit it to Urbandictonary.com *submits definition*
Urbandictionary Editors: REJECTED
Person 1: NOOOOOO!!! What did I do wrong?!
by FunkDaBeat September 23, 2014

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Verb: to outfart - when you are having a fart off with your friend, and you do a fart much louder than your friend's fart.

Noun: an outfart - a fart that spreads rather quickly, so it is going "out".
1. He outfarted me!
2. That must be an outfart! You can also smell it 2km away from me!
by FunkDaBeat April 12, 2016

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