U may be thinking what is a Tahir, well a Tahir is a person of many traits. He is a very down to earth person and can be seen to have a big heart for anyone it doesn’t matter wether they are new or old people in his life or wether they play a big factor. A Tahir is extremely good looking, this means that a Tahir will have a variety of options. He a huge penis. Tahir is not a player but doesn’t want anything until he finds the right one. Your lucky if ur the right one as a Tahir is extremely loyal once he has you it’s ride or die. Furthermore a Tahir is very intellectual. He loves money but isn’t greedy and whenever he has something he will share it with the needy. A Tahir is what everyone needs in there life.
Tahir: is needed in everyone’s life
by Bdndhddhdh October 13, 2019
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Boss man Tahir is the best ever person, sweetheart, the love of your life, the one and only, really blessed and God gifted, may he be blessed, love Tahir and take care of him.
by Ambazwe May 1, 2020
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(Tahir) is a name of a (n) african american boy who is a gentle, kind and quiet. If you were to date a tahir you would most likey marry grow old with him.
Tahir is an angle
by Katie hanmer April 23, 2018
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A Real ass nigga That more then likely has went through traumaat a very young age , has never had any fear n his heart and that gets over any problem he has had or gets into , He has a pure heart but loves money and will make it by any means necessary. Tahir loves his bitches , every last one and is not a player but is more then likely waiting on the right one , Tahir Is a Funny and Caring Person until U cross him then he turns cold hearted , loyalty is his number one trait
Tahir - Loyal And One Hunnit Person
by Gsn.Guwap May 14, 2019
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Kunjagapo for Benjiman/Benji.

The names both mean pure and right hand of God.
"Tahir" is a code name for Benjiman Schwimmer, a contestant on the hit dance television show, So You Think You Can Dance. The name is a running joke on the show, due to fellow contestant Donyelle Jones and Benji trying to hide their relationship from the media and using the name as a cover-up.
by Desireelay August 12, 2006
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A desperate fuck boi who is always horny and shall be till the day of death
Look at that Tahir he's so desperate
by السلام عليكم March 10, 2019
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Tahir has a yang boy that will always be him self he pushes him self to never give up. He's a wild person but cereing at the same time he has the most beautiful hart anyone would want to have be some one that will love you for who you are. He's has some much loity to his close friend he never wants her to be sad he will always try and make sure she's ok even when she says she's not he will always make sure she's ok but he loves her lots and never wants anything to happen to her. He dont like to make her upset or cry because he loves her but sometimes when his close friend hasn't made the best choices he gets angry at her but he only gets angry is because he loves her soo much and dont want anything to happen to her. He's been though a lot just to have his close friend back he some crazy his he spend 4 yr just to try and get his close friend back. He will do anything just to get his close friend back. But now he's happy because he has his close friend back and always happy because of her
by Hacker T November 22, 2021
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