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The Love Of My Life... He Is So Fucking Sweet And Kind.. He Puts A Smile On Your Face At Your Worst Moments, He Brings A Lot Of Love And Loyalty In A Relationship❤️ Has A Huge Penis, Someone You Don’t Wanna Lose
Her: look at my daddy
Him:what’s his name
Her : Tahir
by Somebodychildugly May 20, 2018
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Kunjagapo for Benjiman/Benji.

The names both mean pure and right hand of God.
"Tahir" is a code name for Benjiman Schwimmer, a contestant on the hit dance television show, So You Think You Can Dance. The name is a running joke on the show, due to fellow contestant Donyelle Jones and Benji trying to hide their relationship from the media and using the name as a cover-up.
by Desireelay August 12, 2006
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U may be thinking what is a Tahir, well a Tahir is a person of many traits. He is a very down to earth person and can be seen to have a big heart for anyone it doesn’t matter wether they are new or old people in his life or wether they play a big factor. A Tahir is extremely good looking, this means that a Tahir will have a variety of options. He a huge penis. Tahir is not a player but doesn’t want anything until he finds the right one. Your lucky if ur the right one as a Tahir is extremely loyal once he has you it’s ride or die. Furthermore a Tahir is very intellectual. He loves money but isn’t greedy and whenever he has something he will share it with the needy. A Tahir is what everyone needs in there life.
Tahir: is needed in everyone’s life
by Bdndhddhdh October 13, 2019
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A Real ass nigga That more then likely has went through traumaat a very young age , has never had any fear n his heart and that gets over any problem he has had or gets into , He has a pure heart but loves money and will make it by any means necessary. Tahir loves his bitches , every last one and is not a player but is more then likely waiting on the right one , Tahir Is a Funny and Caring Person until U cross him then he turns cold hearted , loyalty is his number one trait
Tahir - Loyal And One Hunnit Person
by Gsn.Guwap May 13, 2019
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(Tahir) is a name of a (n) african american boy who is a gentle, kind and quiet. If you were to date a tahir you would most likey marry grow old with him.
Tahir is an angle
by Katie hanmer May 29, 2018
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