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Tyler cranochan is a dink loving whore monger ass raping monkey fucker.
by Fuck you January 10, 2004
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what you do in case of emergency (usually during a conversation)
person 1: you're a whore!
person 2: uhh...fuck you!
by Fuck you March 29, 2003
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Going by the above definition; The rectal mucus made to accomidate bowel movements. Not enough to sustain fucking, which is why lubricants must be used. As opposed to the vagina which has natural lubrication, because it was made for fucking.
"I have to go on, but these ignorant democrat cunts write the stupidest fucking definitions. The only ass juice is the diariah your mom drank."

"The butthole was made for shitting, the pussy was made for hitting."

See cunts and the "shit packer" reference in Shitskin

by Fuck you May 27, 2003
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when a woman ejackulats a man using a styrofoam cup.
computor computor computor
by Fuck you March 09, 2005
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A game played by nerdy people I see in cybercafes all day. They often wear thick glasses and have faces covered with pimples, due to spending too much time on the computer and sitting in the front of the computer for too long. These type of people have no lives and need serious professional help if they can't overcome their addictions as most nerds are addicted to this game. They often talk only about this gay game and nothing more examples of their conversations include how they "owned" people, which is a nerd language commonly used by nerds and fags to make themselves feel special and cool. Everytime I hear these nerds talking about "owning" or "shooting" or how "ownage" they are I just wanna punch em in the face and break their nerdish glasses. And if I ever do break their glasses, it's for their own good anyways.
couterstrike is a game commonly played by nerds in cybercafes. It's about guns and shooting people and that's about it. It's gay and making these nerds think that they are actually cool talkin 'bout guns and shit.
by Fuck you April 25, 2005
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