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1. An insult containing the word "fuck" inspired by the 80's band The Communards.

2. An alternative name for Oxnard, California.
The Communards are fucknards.

I live in Fucknard, California.
by _Steve January 07, 2010
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A male perceived to be lacking in good judgement.
I knew her boyfriend was a fuck-nard when he bought condoms at the Dollar Discount store.
by CanuckEh! August 17, 2018
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A blustering, masturbatory narcissist who's too dimwitted to accomplish anything except to occasionally pleasure himself.
That fucknard stole my car and abandoned it on the cliffs when it ran out of gas.

Since our president's a fucknard, I'm thinking about relocating to Canada.

Shut up, you fucknard.
by vibonacci March 29, 2019
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One who is a fucktard and then castrated himself due to butterscotch shitbrains and the copulates with his nards
Jonathan is a fucknard, he fucked his nards.
by John smitg December 27, 2018
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