Short for Legend of Zelda, an awseom Adventure/RPG.
The Legend of Zelda, Adventures of Link, Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Windwaker
by Lejindarybunny September 21, 2004
Perhaps the most amazing person anyone will ever meet?
Wow have you ever met Loz?
No! Have you?
Course I have!
omg I'm soooo jealous!!!
by Someone with tonsils April 13, 2004
One of three main villains in Advent Children. He cries during the movie--ironically, he's the manliest-looking villain (not to mention one of the manliest characters in the whole movie). He doesn't have too many fangirls because he's not a bishounen.
"Don't cry, Loz." - Yazoo

Despite being a crybaby, Loz still gets to kick Tifa's ass.
by ~souba~ December 14, 2005
short for Lozenge. Highly sexually motivated person, often female, who has lost the most part of their sanity.
It's Loz, look at that rack!
by greenspider March 8, 2005
the cutest mothafucka round. love dat girl so much.

Iykyk ;)

just loz.
by hqwfhqjwefeqwrjewlkfewk April 2, 2019
(n/adj)colloquial. A positive term meaning friendly and humourous person. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.
"He's a Loz, alright"

"Dude! You're so Loz!"
by lozenger8 April 28, 2004
someone who denies their love for a certain person on a regular basis, despite often randomly getting with them. also often ditches her friends for english coursework and then complains. very short, and very pale and "can be annoying". refuses to go out with the person she is in love with.
are you going out with that girl yet?
no, shes such a loz.
by blatently x June 19, 2009