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American English Street Slang.

A guarded way of saying 'Money for sex.' A "Rose" is $100 USD. To bring "Roses" implies multiples of $100. If she wants a Dozen Roses she wants $1200.

When searching personal ads there will be a lot of ads with women requiring roses. Usually they literally instruct people calling on them for a "Date" to "Bring Roses."

Likewise ads with roses in the Emoticon are also an implication of prostitution. Many prostitutes will also use the number of roses to advertise rates.
Example 1:

Young curvy 25 something looking for a gentleman for LTR. Must be respectful and also must bring roses.

Example 2:

I only date men who shower me in roses. If they don't bring roses when they see me they don't even get to first base.

Example 3:

Hot black girl seeking sharpshooter who knows what he wants. Must not be a bum nigga. Bring Roses if your a real manager.
by Fractious1 December 11, 2017

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Acronym for SHIT FOR BRAINS.

A descriptor for stupid people and people who either do not think or lack a capacity to think.

A total idiot.
Example 1:
That SFB over there is picking a fight with a cop. I bet he wins a Darwin Award.

Example 2:

Seatack Air traffic control, this is N50669 and I need a landing clearance now. I can n o longer maintain a holding pattern. I am getting a five minute warning on my fuel gauges.

Air Traffic Controller:
N50669, maintain holding pattern until advised to land.

Seatack Air Traffic Control, What is your malfunction SFB? I am 30 seconds into a five minute warning light on my fuel gauges Either you give me a clearance now or I am putting this bird down on top of another airliner because in about four minuets I will be graivity's bitch.

Air Traffic Controller:
N50669, you do not have landing clearance.

Air Traffic Control, Listen SFB, I am at 3 minuets and thirty seconds and counting as I am running out of fuel. I am on approach and the two of us can discuss this malfunction face to face when I land this bird. I am declaring an emergency landing so make way because daddy is coming home!

Example 3:
Your dog is so stupid you should have named him SFB.

What does that mean?

You dog has Shit For Brains.
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by Fractious1 June 29, 2018

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The alternative, "You and that mouse in our pocket," and " You and that invisible mouse in your pocket," is in reference to a speaker talking in the plural tense referring to themselves for a variety of reasons mostly to make them seem more important or that it involves others involuntarily. It is an attempt usually to pull others into a situation or to act as if other agree with them against their wishes or having spoken with said person/ people before hand.

This is not to be confused with a Pocket Mouse.

It also can be used to make someone seem as if there is more than that person. See fronting and bluffing.
Example 1:
Mouthy drunk in a parking lot shooting his mouth off: "We are going to kick your ASS!"
Man who is being mouthed off too: "We? We who? You got a mouse in your pocket?"

Example 2: Picture four mechanics on a break with work orders on the lunch table in front of them. Then in walks a service writer who immediately says "We need to get on that Transmission in bay six, PRONTO!" All of said mechanics have work already required of them making one of them ask, "We got to get on that truck in bay 6? Who is we? You and that invisible mouse in your pocket? We already have work orders assigned to us."

Example 3:
Eric: I hate that ginger bastard. Let's go kick his ass.
Stan: Who?
Kyle: Why?
Kenny: M mmm mmm mmm Mmm mm m Mmmmmmmm? Mmmm mmmmm mm mmm m mmmm. (TRANSLATED, You have a mouse in your pocket fat ass? I am not going to kick anyone's ass for you.)
Everyone laughs and Eric shouts:
I'm not fat, I'm Big Boned!"

Example 4:
Jerry Brown: "We need a High Speed Railroad in California. The People demand it."
Heckler: "You got an invisible mouse in your pocket? I don't need no high speed train to nowhere."

Example five:
Supervisor :"We really need to clean up this trash."
Workers: "We? Since when did you and that invisible mouse in your pocket do any of the work here?"
by Fractious1 June 08, 2018

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This is a belief all members of the same gender are likewise homosexual.

Much like a Rabid Queer which defines a singular individual with Gay Rabies the concept of Gay Rabies defines the ideal that ALL Men (or Women) are a six pack away from being Gay.

To be a Gay (Homosexual) man and to think all men are likewise gay but not drunk enough to admit it that man is said to have Gay Rabies.
Example 1:
If you think I am gay or going to turn gay one day you got yourself a bad case of Gay Rabies.

Example 2.
It is bad enough a friend of mine is gay but he hangs around some people who apparently suffer Gay Rabies pretty bad. That is why I don't like to go anywhere with Mike even if he is my friend. Its HIS friends that bother me.

Example 3.
Laura's lesbian friend commented that one of her diesel dyke friends has some pretty bad Gay Rabies for Laura's straight sister.
by Fractious1 April 23, 2018

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American Southern Slang referring to a woman's anatomy in regards towards poor personal hygiene.

Also reflexive with 'smelly pussy.'

Cooter is a southern slang term for a vagina.

It can also mean a woman who is hot and ready for sex.

Not associated to the Cooter Turtle.
Example 1: That girl in the Daisy Dukes over by the bar has a Stinky Cooter. I can smell that damn thing from here.

Example 2: Girl, I know you are not going out tonight with a Stinky Cooter.

Example 3: Things got weird when my new girlfriend got Stinky Cooter. She damn near skinned my back she was so horny trying to get my cloths off of me.

Example 4: Don't tell me y'alls got a stinky cooter for that dude over there? Girl, what is wrong with you?
by Fractious1 May 24, 2018

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Usually a good derogatory or insulting reference to someone lacking substance, strength, or motivation. Examples of how being a limp dick applies:

1) a worthless person.

2) a person with no skills.

3) a person who lacks motivation.

4) incompetence.

5) weakness
1) Speak up and quit being such a limp dick!

2) Father: Why have these bags of cement not been loaded into the pickup truck yet?

Son: They are too heavy for me.
Father: You are telling me that fifty pound bags are too heave for a sixteen year old boy to pick up? STOP ACTING LIKE A WORTHLESS LIMP DICK!

3) (an insulting greeting) HEY LIMP DICK!

4) (Frustration) Fucking Limp Dick!
by Fractious1 February 11, 2018

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The primary connotation of a Sketcher is an artist however with the prevalence of drug use in the artistic community the term became synonymous to drug abusers.

The Derogatory connotation a sketcher is a drug addict who is desperate for a fix, typical of a methamphetamine addict but reflexively usable for any drug addict. The U.K. equivalent slang term is spranger.

Sketching can also be referred to as "Shrimping" where an addict is becoming so desperate for a fix they begin to shake violently and begin to search frantically for any substitute or for the substance of choice. The next step past Sketching is getting the Wheedles.

Calling someone a Sketcher can literally mean you are calling them a drug addict.

An alternative connotation to a Sketcher is someone so angry they vibrate like a pissed off Chihuahua and could possibly cause anything flammable to spontaneously combust.
Drug addiction connotations;
Example 1: Why you sketching so bad?

Example 2: Frank has been sketching badly. I think he is back on the shit again.

Anger connotation;
Example 3: Lisa caught her boyfriend cheating on her again and she was really sketched out badly this time.

Example 4: I know why Dave has been acting like a Sketcher lately. He found out he was turned down for a promotion for the third time.
by Fractious1 April 24, 2018

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