The coolest Pokemon to come alive. It has a poison stinger on it's head and 40 (kickbutt) hp. When compared with and Emu, it is pretty obvious that the Weedle will prevail. 'Weedle' can also be shouted out at random times to be funny or get a good laugh.
Jess : Ah, dance class was horrible today!

Talia : WEEDLE
by Janie<3 April 28, 2009
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Step 1: Pick an even number of fingers on either hand, or both to have a larger amount...

Step 2: Choose whether it is a male or female victim, yes that's right... victim hahahahah!!! Or at random just find a person... and take place behind them.

Step 3: A:*If your victim is male*, then take the even number of fingers, and proceed to stick them on the 'chode area' and quickly wiggle your even number of fingers (and yes there is a reason for the even numbers, I'll get to that...). B:*If your victim is female*, you can pretty much choose where the Weedle will take place. You do the same thing with your even number of fingers, which is place, wiggle, and FORGET IT! AHHAHAahahAHhAHaha!!!

Step 4: In the process of executing the Weedle, be sure that you say what you are doing, a *regular* Weedle calls for you to say "Weedle!" There are various types of Weedles that you can do... I'll put a list below of all created weedles as of right now.

Step 5: Watch as your (aroused) victim turns in complete surprise, and you may then point and laugh at them (if desired).

Now there are rules to the Weedle also, so be sure you don't make your Weedle... GAY! by breaking these rules:

1. You can not Weedle someone with your foot.
2. You may not use an odd amount of fingers.
3. Thou shalt not forget to call out what Weedle you are executing.

Follow those rules and you should be A-OKaAaY.

Types of Weedles:

Weedle - Regular Weedle
Pause Weedle - Pause as soon as you make contact, but kind of push up, so the victim can't escape.
007 or Jamez Bond Weedle - Roll and come up low, and behind the victim, then execute your Weedle. (I would also consider naming this the Solid Snake Plissken Weedle, but that's just me...)
Explosion Weedle - Run behind the victim, put hands together, place, then spread your hands apart very quickly. (This one's pretty hard to do.)

Yes, there are plenty more Weedles, but I forget them all. Well Those are good for now.

Here's something to make your Weedle-ing-ness interesting, you at any time can choose to Counter a Weedle. It would have to be ready though. Countering a Weedle involves the victim having already been anticipating a Weedle, holds, or readies a... Yea you guessed it, A FART, The Fart in itself is the Counter-Weedle. So if you feel like you are about to be a victim of a gruesome Weedle, hold in that Fart, and when someone trys to take advantage of you, spray your Counter-Weedle all over their hand or even their face if it is a Jamez Bond Weedle.

Now, There are also Special Rare Cards. A Rare Card Weedle is when you attempt to do the Weedle while facing a person. Which would involove having to somehow get between their legs without them noticing. That's a good one, a real good one, cause no one could anticipate it unless it has been already attempted one or more times within minutes.

*If you at any point sucessfully finish a Gay! Weedle, then you must within seconds, do another Gay!, to Cancel out your foolish mistake!*

The Weedle itself was created by Trace, and has been advanced in many ways by: Myself, Telly, Alex, Sean, Steve and Trace... and anyone else who knows the Weedle like we do... AHAHhAhahha!!!
"You just wait I'm going to give you the explosion weedle!", "Yea well wait until I get you with a Rare Card!"
by Vaynni D. October 15, 2004
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A person who has an extravagent personality with a receding hair line.
Joe Eady is Weedle
by Lil Rob Mate April 13, 2009
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To sort through
I'm going to weedle out the rotten apples from this bag
by Lezz44 August 28, 2008
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when you want to smuggle weed into another country by melting candlewax over the packet inside another candle
Person 1: How are you going to get the weed in to the other country?
Person 2: It's okay I'm going to make a Weedle
by Matsumoto111 March 31, 2010
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Weedle, it has no meaning.
It's not a REAL word.
Girl - OMG, you're such a Weedle!
by Xray715 July 11, 2008
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