Someone who is a known theif. A person you have to keep an eye on because they will steal your things right under your nose.
If I was you I wouldn't leave Cee Cee in my house by herself cause the bitch is roguish.

Hey, don't leave your purse open around that roguish little boy.
by Mackendeez May 10, 2017
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Slang, Disambiguation, Adjective

A person who does nasty things or is nasty looking.
Example 1: She will never date you. Admit it, your too roguish. You break mirrors you look at.

Example 2: Get a look at that chick with all those freakish piercings. Dude would have to be pretty brave to want to talk to a girl that Roguish.

Example 3: Dude? You farted? That's pretty fucking roguish.

Example 4: We don't tolerate no roguishness here.
by Fractious1 November 26, 2017
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many uses, all meaning: good and/or constructive
1: what's goin on tonight?
2: we're gonna have some sake bombs at roguish hamada's.
1: roguish, see you there.


1: where's the best place to get a roguish $0.99 shrimp cocktail in las vegas?
2: at las vegas' most historic hotel, the golden gate. in case you didn't know, it's located at one fremont street and is adjacent to the most spectacular extravaganza in town known as the fremont street experience. if i were in the city now, i would be down there getting a taste of the real las vegas. i don't want the new phony corporate deal, i want the old school experience. since i'm not there right now, i'm gonna log on to and reserve my room immediately while they're still available.
by Les Talent December 2, 2006
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1: Act of breaking & not taking care of other people's belongings and property. Destroys valuable items and leaves the owner to deal with the issue, offering no help, apology, or compensation at all.

2: Act of breaking almost everything they touch, and expecting a replacement/repair with no consequence for their action.

3:Being excessively rough on property and materials and not expecting it to break.
The Roguish kids came to the playground broke the swing, and threw trash everywhere then left and went home like nothing happened.
That roguish kid always breaks every pair of $60 headsets we get him.

The roguish kid though it was funny to stand on the neighbors car,until the windshield cracked, and she couldn't afford to fix it and didn't try to help either.
The roguish kid splashed the toy boat until it sunk and broke, and didn't replace the toy.
by U.B.N July 17, 2021
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