When a man removes condom during sex without his partners knowledge or consent.
Legally considered a form of rape or sexual assault in some places. Considered a shitty thing to do everywhere else.
He thought stealthing his girlfriend was a go idea but now his dumbass is in jail.
by Esselean October 8, 2018
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Stealthing is when a man removes a condom during sex despite agreeing to wear one so that he can cum inside the other person without their knowledge.
He got beat for stealthing after she said no sex without a condom.
by TexInst April 26, 2017
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To fuck "safe" intentionally with a faulty condom - therefore end result is a bare fuck with the receiver under the impression a condom is fully intact during intercourse to climax.
The boy told me he plays safe only so i put on a condom with the tip bitten off . stealthing makes refutting raw sex a win win scenario...

him raw regardless without him knowing...
by Dirtyowl December 16, 2016
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Removal of a condom during sexual/homosexual intercourse without mutual awareness.
The man was condemned for a 'stealthing' incident.
by Jamie0101 May 21, 2017
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When you are jerking off while in discord with your friends.
Bro we were in discord the other day and I had the urge. You guys didnt know but I was stealthing it to midget porn.
by IwearRompers July 15, 2022
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Taking off the condom during sex without the bottom knowing and then proceeding to cum inside.
Top: *whispering* Bruh I'm stealthing him right now. Feels so good

Camera Guy: bruh that's hot
by Toocoolguy21 March 9, 2016
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Wearing a face mask into the store and then removing it when no one is looking, similar to removing a condom without ones partner’s knowledge
It would be easier to flatten the COVID-19 curve if people would quit Stealthing at the grocery store
by Cuttis May 9, 2020
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