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A guy who has many different distinct personalities and acts different in different circumstances.

Some are like chameleons, choosing to fit in with their surroundings. (ie. intellectual in a library) Others choose to stand out as much as possible.
My boyfriend is a modular man. He may have seemed obnoxious at the party, but when we're alone he's really very romantic.
by Fox July 15, 2005
A sandwich containing a bacon, lettuce and tomato filling. The perfect compliment to a cup of tea.
"I could really go for a B.L.T"
"The cafe down the road do a really nice one"
by Fox February 3, 2005
1. A wrinkle that occurs on a girl's nipple, and should be avioded. Run if you see one, they are signs of necrophilia
1. Oh my, she has a nipple wrinkle, and she humps dead people.

2. How sexy, she has a nipple wrinkle
by Fox January 20, 2005
The act of standing on a keep battlement like an idiot and getting zerged by five minstrels.
I h8 aeneasx
by Fox October 10, 2003
Best. gaming. drink. ever.
by Fox October 4, 2003
to go some were fast
mob-deep to the store
by Fox December 12, 2002