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A fight leading to separation. This can occur in any relationship, including families and frinedships. The separated parties generally pretend that those on the other side no longer exist.
Mike: Should we stay at Jeff's place tonight?
Tim: No way man. Me and him had a falling out.
by fox April 25, 2005

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A sandwich containing a bacon, lettuce and tomato filling. The perfect compliment to a cup of tea.
"I could really go for a B.L.T"
"The cafe down the road do a really nice one"
by Fox February 03, 2005

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Shock rocker and theatrical artist, as well as a musician. Though a pioneer in shocking parents worldwide, his music is generally fairly upbeat and rarely harbors any real malice.

Some speculation was made by aforementioned shocked parents that he was the Antichrist, but as usual these detractors had not listened to the music they were attacking and did not understand the man who created it.
Uninformed Christian: "Alice Cooper is evil!"
Comparitively intelligent rocker: "Alice Cooper rocks!"
by Fox April 15, 2005

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the bestest most cutest guy ever!
My God, did you see that henry tran today, wow.
by fox May 18, 2003

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To prematurely ejaculate in you pants while dancing close with a girl.
I was about to hook up with this chick, but i toups'd.
by Fox October 23, 2003

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A cunning animal with a orange fur coat who's up to no good.
by Fox December 07, 2004

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Metropolitan Innundation Syndrome, or MIS, has two main manifestations.

The most prominent occurs when someone of rural or suburban origins travels to a large city. Symptoms include disorientation, slow reactions (as they are unused to the faster pace of life), respiratory problems (from polution), hearing loss and/or tinitus (caused by city noise), and eye strain (from excessive light exposure).

The second manifestation occurs when a city-dweller travels to suburbia or a rural area. The primary symptom in this case is boredome, and subsequent substance abuse or destructive behavior.
Type I: WTF? Where am I? All the streets look the same! I can't think with all this noise and light!

Type II: Dude! There's no Starbucks here! Let's get drunk and burn stuff.
by fox August 08, 2005

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