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To prematurely ejaculate in you pants while dancing close with a girl.
I was about to hook up with this chick, but i toups'd.
by Fox October 23, 2003
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A term used to refer to a mark which is not really a line, but merely a meandering trail.

A squiggle puritin will not consider multiple disconnected marks or a mark in which the path crosses itself as squiggles.
"He drew a squiggle on my head."
by Fox April 16, 2005
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Disease in which one's penis falls off.
Did you see that guy? He has a severe case of Ghaletul
by Fox June 12, 2003
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A guy who has many different distinct personalities and acts different in different circumstances.

Some are like chameleons, choosing to fit in with their surroundings. (ie. intellectual in a library) Others choose to stand out as much as possible.
My boyfriend is a modular man. He may have seemed obnoxious at the party, but when we're alone he's really very romantic.
by Fox July 15, 2005
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The act of standing on a keep battlement like an idiot and getting zerged by five minstrels.
I h8 aeneasx
by Fox October 10, 2003
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