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A sandwich containing a bacon, lettuce and tomato filling. The perfect compliment to a cup of tea.
"I could really go for a B.L.T"
"The cafe down the road do a really nice one"
by Fox February 03, 2005
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May 14 Word of the Day
Intelligence agency term for "psychological operation". A government or corporate-sponsored operation, usually taking the form of a "terrorist attack" or "crazed gunman on a spree", with the intent of panicking the public into demanding more police and laws inhibiting freedom. Psyops are usually carried out by drugging a civilian or group of civilians with aggression-promoting drugs, psyching them up, arming them, and sending them out to commit mayhem. Government-sponsored terrorism. See also blackshirts, conspiracy
Person A: Man, that nutcase Martin Bryant guy shot 35 people in Tasmania!

Person B: No, he wasn't a nutcase, that was just a psyop so the government could have an excuse to ban guns.
by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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1) Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich
2) a large bit copy used in programming (for transferring/displaying a bitmap), also known as "blit" and is also part of bitblt.
1) I could use a BLT, i'm starving.
2) The blt function in windows.h isn't as fast as the one in DirectX.
by Nick January 08, 2004
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The greatest sandwich ever concocted. Made up of a tomato, several strips of bacon, two or three pieces of lettuce, and mayonnaise on the upper piece of bread.
I like my BLTs non-toasted (untoasted?).
by Diggity Monkeez February 04, 2005
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Ali G:Could he make b.l.t.'s
Pat Buchanan:Yes, at onetime he was using b.l.t.'s against the Kurds in the North.
by Nameurl February 01, 2008
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BLT- Blushing like a tomato..
Similar to the abbreviation LOL, used in situations when it is difficult to accept a compliment or you are blushing profusely.
Reggie: "You're so beautiful!"
Jamie: "Oh my gosh BLT!"
Reggie: " What does BLT mean?"
Jamie: "I'm blushing like a tomato!"
by jamieginger February 05, 2015
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