35 definitions by Fox

A cunning animal with a orange fur coat who's up to no good.
by Fox December 7, 2004
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A Person of great sexual traits. Willing to engage in sex at any time.
That girl is Body Body
by Fox March 10, 2003
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to go some were fast
mob-deep to the store
by Fox December 12, 2002
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This word originates from an poorly made video by 'Sam & Kate' in which a person is decapitated when an oversized CD (not a record) is thrown at him Frisbee style.

Verb: to maim/kill someone with an unconventional weopon or through stupid activity.

Adjective: Dangerous, pointless, and requiring massive mental instability.
Verb: "I albummed him good with a bannana."

Adjective: "That guy is so album! He wants to take over the world with a soup spoon!"
by Fox May 15, 2005
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A ho that doesn't get any sex for one year.

Born-again as in reborn. Virgin as in a pure and chaste individual.
It's been a year since she got laid, let's go celebrate Katie becoming a born-again virgin.
by Fox June 19, 2004
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An S and a more different S. Plus a beefy arm growing out of the back of his neck for good measure.
by Fox April 25, 2003
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Frec should give all of his money to Foxflight
by Fox June 12, 2003
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