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A fight leading to separation. This can occur in any relationship, including families and frinedships. The separated parties generally pretend that those on the other side no longer exist.
Mike: Should we stay at Jeff's place tonight?
Tim: No way man. Me and him had a falling out.
by Fox April 25, 2005
To descibe something disgusting.
"My mums b/f stole the camera from me cause he didn't want me to see the naked pics of my mum....that's so OMFG YEECH!!"
by Fox April 1, 2004
Greeting used to define extreme shock and astonishment when talking to a friend.
by Fox February 18, 2004
My God, did you see that henry tran today, wow.
by Fox May 18, 2003
A fictional product that costs a lot of money to purchase and to maintain, and wastes resources. It either serves no practical purpose or greatly exceeds the needs of the user.

Often, Wastemaster 6000s are purchased by uneducated and unattractive men to impress other men in the hope that they will win friends.

The term is used to mock the uncool people who make these purchases.
Stanly Prickmeyer: Hey Joe, do you like my new barbeque? It puts out 800 000 BTU and consumes 50 gallons of propane per second. I can roast an elephant from 70 yards!

Jo Cool: Wow, is that the new Wastemaster 6000?
by Fox July 26, 2005
A sandwich containing a bacon, lettuce and tomato filling. The perfect compliment to a cup of tea.
"I could really go for a B.L.T"
"The cafe down the road do a really nice one"
by Fox February 3, 2005