93 definition by Foug

SuperStar Disc Jockey Status.
Paul: I hope Nick can get us in the club.
Mitch: He's got SSDJS!
by foug March 25, 2003

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in times of bradvoidence a bribery offer is neccessary to intervene in group sessions. offers include food, entertainment, or various forms of contraband. items are consumed although known to leave a bitter taste
Noid - quick turn out the light its bradvoidence!
*door opens*
*foug enters*
foug - come on in brad
brad - I brought chocolates
Noid - hits unpause on nhl and shakes head
by foug January 11, 2005

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Whether its for dry skin or cuts or you just need a little slick, tube of lube comes in all sizes, right now econo size for the same price!
John: Man my hands are dry from this winter air.
Ed: Maybe you should get some hand cream for that...
Foug: Want some tube of lube?
by Foug September 02, 2003

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When an obgect/person slips under the visual spectrum.
Bradar is down, mogilny out
by Foug July 04, 2003

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When you go from one life style to a lesser one. When you lose something you had, or just ptfed.
Noid: Where do I sleep?
Sis: On the floor matress in the cats room
by foug June 18, 2003

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1) A Party that just sux
2) A Party dedicated to a significant event
3) A Party where the bradar has been sabatoged
4) A costume Party
Lumme: What are you dressing up as?
Aalto: An Airplane, u?
Lumme: an uninvited guest
by Foug April 27, 2003

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the ability to move with superhuman skills to avoid ptf situation. able to change the tide in seconds upon going hero, warning is not for everyone, unskilled individuals often find themselves mogilnyed by.
noiD - look out you just joseph
c - don't worry
group - *chants* "goinG herO"
herO - hello mooon
by foug January 16, 2005

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