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dicussed often with present council members engaging the machines. suggested moments to activate another gAme? includes:
- shutting it down
- when work is completed in intermission room
- before the arrival of unwelcome earthlings
- to replace social activities with the group creating awkward silences until guests leave
Suggested Situations:

Ricky Tan - they will here soon
Juntao - hurry, another gAme?

C - another game?
noid - why not
*door closes*
by Foug January 14, 2005
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A cult that bands together opressing society views and as well to engage in various acts of illegal and idiotic activities. Newcomers are usually frowned upon but exceptions can be made if they can contribute to the collective.
Noid: Who is knocking on the door?
C-Dawg: I'll check it out.
Uninvited Guest: Hey I brought some munchies for "the group"
The Group: ahh..
by Foug September 7, 2003
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The collection and distribution of what can only be an estimated number in the thousands of Tim Hortons cups that reached out to cover much of the garage storage space. The exact number will never be known but it can be assured this collection was due to the hard work of many. Literally thousand of dollars were 'poured into' or 'pissed out of' this venture.
Ed: I knocked it over. Its spilling what the fuck?
Code: Musta been foug's there's still hot chocolate in it.
A: Figures
by Foug January 12, 2005
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Trying to get yourself out of a ptf situation by generally pulling a mogilny but ultimatly failing in the end.
Commentator 1: Forsberg tries to deke.... Big Hit! Too fancy forsberg
by Foug June 13, 2003
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Paul: I hope Nick can get us in the club.
Mitch: He's got SSDJS!
by Foug March 25, 2003
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quite possibly the finest machine on earth ever created before mailbot.
operators are known to burn out clutch related items while listening to old music. each unit is equipped with coffee holders to transport various liquids. Vehicle is know to allow foreign objects to enter interior thru sunroofs.
Noid - opening the sunroof
C - jerkin *tosses paper*
fug - subaru!
by Foug January 12, 2005
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Useless and unnecessary conversation attempted to fill the silence in an awkward situation. Commonly backfires into feelings of loneliness and social discomfort. Usually is intiated by comments regarding the current weather, weather pattern of the past/future few days or major weather disturbances in the recent past.
Gas Man: Nice weather, if you're a duck.
Noid: uh, You over pumped.
Gas Man: So I did, I'll only charge you what you asked for.
C: Your small talk just cost you $1.37.
Noid: Drive On
by Foug January 12, 2005
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