93 definition by Foug

1st appeared in the year 2000. Is used to avoid dirty/confused looks after expressing ones opinion.

objectionars rarely intervenes once this quote is uttered, in fear of offending you.
C - argh just end it
A - ??
C - *raises finger in air* don't judge me! ...
K - waa
by foug January 17, 2005

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Fearless teammate and hated throughout the league by many opposing fans and players. Regardless of how much time to heal before a playoff game will always look savagely beaten before that game's end.(ref. to two black eyes in gm 1 of 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs)
C: He just jumped into the other team's bench.
Noid: Is he trying to bite that guy? What a savage
by foug January 13, 2005

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Without spoiling lunch, think of that time you poured the extra soggy raisin bran down the toilet.
Fred: Felt good to get that out.
Bob: Yeah?
Fred: Asspuke!
Bob: Sick
by foug March 26, 2003

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A fact delivered, typically out of context or awkwardly, that is usually mistruen or completely false. The claim(s) is largely 'supported' through word of mouth by personal sources.
Foug: The chlorine level found in Halifax's water supply is 0.0017ppm.

Group" *stunned.

Foug: My dad said so.
by foug January 29, 2005

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1) Being the big man.
2) An elaborate attempt to create a dazzling display of evasion and tactics taking up a great deal of time and effort (for both the on-looker and performer) only to end in utter and complete failure. Painful to watch in many cases.
Hiding out at a safe-house with a future-girlfriend only to be busted by your then current-girlfriend in a humilating scene in front of friends and onlookers.

Meg: Can I speak with you outside
Kev: he pulled a Joesph
Ed: Too fancy
C: anyone for orange juice?
Joe: sorry ed.
by foug January 17, 2005

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1) While visiting a foreign bathroom; Finding that last roll of ass wipe under the bathroom counter as you penguin walk from the toilet, panicked that you will be exposed by having to ask for a fresh roll.

2) When cash is real low, the last roll in the house, that must be rationed carefully and used for emergencies only. (No doubling up)
Foug: Hey, you got anymore shit paper?
C: I don't know, wait here last one man.
Foug: ahh, Sacred Roll
by foug January 11, 2005

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Defecating onto a piece of plastic wrap held snugly above your lover's face. This provides the view similar to a glass bottomed boat. See also: bradar
Hi lover...you want me to crap on your face? or would you like a glass-bottomed boat today instead? I am feeling dirty...rrrrrr.
by foug December 15, 2003

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