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quite possibly the finest machine on earth ever created before mailbot.
operators are known to burn out clutch related items while listening to old music. each unit is equipped with coffee holders to transport various liquids. Vehicle is know to allow foreign objects to enter interior thru sunroofs.
Noid - opening the sunroof
C - jerkin *tosses paper*
fug - subaru!
by foug January 12, 2005

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A day so big that it encompasses the activites and labour of an entire week. It is generally begun early in the morning followed by bad weather and lack of equipment and supplies.
Coady: We ran out of garbage bags.

Ed: And so the big day comes to an end
by foug June 13, 2003

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1. Using a slicing device to divide the baked good into equal servings for the eaters.
2. Using a buring device to divide the bowled goods into equal servings for the smokers.
Only 1/3 of the bowl was burned by each council member to avoid wiping any ass.
by foug March 30, 2003

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1. To notice an attractive member of the opposite sex.
2. To notice Saddam as still alive.
1.She's Saddam'fine
by foug March 25, 2003

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The sludge formed inside a Tim Horton's cup or in the case of parties, a cut-in-half pop bottle containing any combination of the following: water, coffee, spit, lung butter, dirt, ash, cigerette butts, beer. The contents, combined form a soil-like sludge emitting an awful stench. Time to change when all liquid has been soaked up by cigerette filters and the butts continue to burn once in side the cup. A short term fix is to spit on the individual butts. Warning this may induce gagging or vomitting. Do not inhale any air while attempting.
kev: time to open the garage door and air out this stink.

C: don't look directly into the cup.
by foug January 11, 2005

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The collection and distribution of what can only be an estimated number in the thousands of Tim Hortons cups that reached out to cover much of the garage storage space. The exact number will never be known but it can be assured this collection was due to the hard work of many. Literally thousand of dollars were 'poured into' or 'pissed out of' this venture.
Ed: I knocked it over. Its spilling what the fuck?
Code: Musta been foug's there's still hot chocolate in it.
A: Figures
by foug January 12, 2005

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1) The annoying use of the word roll to describe the home baked products similar to buns. (cold cuts is another such word)

2)A technique of 'dissapating' one's weight over a large amount of snow to avoid sinking in. At the same time rolling forward to gain momentum and travel to one's destination.
A: What is he doing?
C: Looks like rolling? Trying to dissapate his weight.
A: I think you mean distribute.
C: yea, what you said.
by foug January 12, 2005

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