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Royalty, Hiearch, noble, most land, most gain, wealth, skin turns pale, blue veins show. Believe strictly in enriching in life.
Courtney's blue blooded look at her soft white skin and her wrists of blue veins be careful.

Blue blooded were the first rich, and richer.
by footsteps August 07, 2009
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Jason dong, is not a boyscout.. He likes sweet bodies, a blow job, wants a blow job, and eats peanut butter and jelly. He enjoys being drunk and proceedes to attend any college that is chip. Other names are Daryl, Chris, Jared, Travis, Robert, Steve, Elmo, Dr. Lovepie, Babycakes, Andrew, Corey, Phil.
Jason Dong just molested my phone bill with his drunk utters in his call again, when does he wake up.

The nurse at school made a Jason Dong out of the kid when he had a physical, that calls for beer.
by footsteps August 07, 2009
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classy town in Pennsylvania. Everything need living in the town is located in it. They're high school is enriching, thee best thing for a school. A hearty town. Nice people, refuses to be trampled on by the 70's movement. Very articulate, strengthening, pretty, vivacious and moving. Can do attitude.
Northampton is where it's at. What you be?

I went to swim in Northampton and made out with a model living there.
by footsteps July 22, 2009
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town in Pennsylvania managed by old farmers and populated by them and other old people. Their hobbies are involved within the the town. Very close nit. They made an old tow path into a bike, horse riding and walking trail. Through there is alot of garbage in the creek and even smells bad like urine and feices. There were very old houses that were torn down that look like they before hand, were deer beds. If taking a strole through the town you may find the old people sitting outside and looking at what is really going on. Their electric system fails whenever there is a thunder storm while the streets flood immediately, and there are tons of patrolmen/women on hand to evacuate the townspeople to safety. There are a few really good restaurants here and there.
Alot of trucks with sirens on them like to drive fast out of Slatington.

The Slatington truck driver decided to pass in front of a car and nearly smashed in front of my little jeep in the hailing rain. I honked at the rest of the Slatington truck drivers that went by.

I went to Slatington yesterday and some bikers almost ran me over.
by footsteps May 25, 2009
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a person who's job is to take x-rays of the inside of one's body.
I asked the girl that started sniffing cocaine in middle school, Chas, after she even rolled on ecstasy a number of times and tried Shrooms throughout highschool, " What are you going to college for?" She said to be a radiologist.

That to be radiologist is very into her career focus.
by footsteps August 21, 2009
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