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Large industrial town in the center of England. In the past Northampton has had a rich history and also was the site of one of the key battles of the War of the Roses.
Now sadly Northampton has changed. It has become a townie ( read definition) breeding ground, and is a dangerous place for any who do not follow their way of life.
We Northamptonians seem to have a mild accent compared to other areas but still seem to make our a's sound more like ey. The older natives of Northampton and the surrounding area have a tendancy to call people "me duck" pronounced "meh duck".
Northampton is rapidly expanding and has a strong rivalry with nearby town Milton Keynes.
The townie population of Northampton, who also happen to make up a large amount of Northampton Town FC "the cobblers" supporters. Being sadly lacking in intellingence for the most part, these people now despise any who live in the towns of Millwall, Peterborough, Rushden (strong hatred there) and pretty much any town with a football team in the same division as them.
Nightime in Northampton is not glamourous, but the townies and the closely related, but generally richer and better looking "trendies" see it as the highlight of their lives. Scores of young girls, wearing pink short skirts, skimpy black tops and stumbling around half drunk laughing their heads off at something as insignifficant as tripping on a curb can be seen.
Males often and try and gel their hair into some form of modern style, regardless of receeding hairline. They mainly wear Ben Sherman clothing and many will wear much smaller versions of what the townies refer to as "bling".
Northampton does have its class divisions, with those living in the outskirting villages or living in the newer areas of town tend to look down on the more "established" areas of Northampton and all those who live there.
General conversation of teenagers in Northampton...
"What ya doin' Saturday?"
"Goin town, you?"
"Same mate, what ya gonna be doin'?"
"Not much, stand around wif me mates for a bit, maybe get pissed in the afternoon"
"Safe mate"
by Beast March 26, 2005
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The county seat of Hampshire County in Western Massatchusetts. Northampton is the home of Smith College, one of America's first women's colleges. Perhaps because of the large number of college students persuing liberal arts majors, the city has a fairly free, artistic spirit to it. Politically, Northampton is mostly liberal, with a few leftists, and is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the region. Because of this, and because of the presence of a women's college, the city has gained a reputation as a city overrun with angry lesbians with numerous tattoos and crew cuts. Though there are many LGTB individuals living in Northampton, this rumor is somewhat of an exageration.

Northampton is dominated by a wide array of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and a few places where they sell insanely expensive jewelery and glassware, obviously catering to the growing trend of gentrification that threatens to eradicate the town's original spirit.

I'll be in Northampton for the rest of the evening, me and Louie are going to Thornes to pick up tickets for the ska show at Pearl Street.
by the birds and trees August 26, 2006
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a town in the UK that consists of gangs and constant stabbing threats, people named elliot tend to live here as he has violent tendencies and weird hobbies such as smelling babies
elliot told me he was gonna shank me? must be from northampton
by boredkt February 18, 2019
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Lesbianville. located in the heart of western massachusetts. the seat of Hampshire county.
by dave October 17, 2003
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"Northampton" is a severe insult that can cause major laughs.

Derived from the famous "Battle of Exposure", the name 'Northampton' is known throughout the EAS community is a cursed word and is only to be spoken about under past circumstances.
"Battle of Exposure" was started by a girl called Windsor, who was sick and tired of her rival, Northampton, using her.

Windsor ended up winning the battle and Northampton being banished.
"Oh my God, you are such a bloody Northampton."
Did you hear about Northampton? He got banned from mainstream servers!
by not an agnothbg November 18, 2019
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The best town of all time! yay!
Northampton rocks because we have Faces and Thornes and Moshi moshi, and me.
by Zach April 14, 2005
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