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The University of California at Los Angeles, founded in 1919 and the largest university in California. Located in Westwood, Los Angeles, it is known for its rigorous academics, creation of the Internet and nationally-renowned NCAA athletics. The Bruins share a long-standing rivalry with the University of Southern California (USC).
Looks like I didn't make it into UCLA, so I'll have to settle for USC and shell out $30K to live in South Central.
by Flopsy August 02, 2004

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A college major for those who love calculus, physics and pulling all-nighters.
I majored in Electrical Engineering because it will guarantee a monotonous job if I manage to graduate.
by Flopsy September 26, 2004

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The official mascot of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), representing one of the most successful NCAA teams in the nation. A consistently large number of collegiate Bruin athletes represent the United States or their home countries at the Summer Olympics.
A famous Bruin was Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, six-time MVP in basketball.
by Flopsy August 29, 2004

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University of South Carolina.
The University of South Carolina is the real "USC"... Go Gamecocks!
by Flopsy November 12, 2004

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North Korea's governing ideology of self-subsistence.
Rodong Sinmun reports that all is well in Kim Jong Il's Juche paradise.
by Flopsy September 12, 2004

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The greatest Farker ever.
Whenever Wil Wheaton comments in a Fark thread, the thread quickly goes to infinity.
by Flopsy December 23, 2004

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