Definition Removed By The North Korean Government.
Example Removed By The North Korean Government
by Nicooliosis May 2, 2011
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There is nothing funny to say about North Korea. Nothing at all.
The government of The People's Republic of North Korea has determined this definition to be unsatisfactory. The internet troll behind this definition realized his mistake and voluntarily took the death penalty.
by Sexy Mudkips April 2, 2015
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The one place on earth that is scarier even during the day than Detroit is at night.
Your chances of survival are far better in Detroit at night than they are in North Korea in broad daylight.
by Doki Doki Attack! November 30, 2009
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The only place in the world where poor, skinny, overworked plebs must bow their broken backs before giant golden statues of a morbidly obeese geezer with an ugly haircut, or risk losing their lives.
As an American I could never go to North Korea, but after reading Find True North by Richard Li, I just want to help those people even more.
by hinatahyuga March 24, 2015
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A country that oppresses its people, and has threatened the US with a nuke.
If the North Korean government launches a nuke at us, we'll blow them back to the stone age.
by ZackShafter April 9, 2013
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Stanley="I wonder how it feels like to starve to death."
Wesley="Go to North Korea Bro!"
by ShadowBerserk August 22, 2017
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