North Korea's governing ideology of self-subsistence.
Rodong Sinmun reports that all is well in Kim Jong Il's Juche paradise.
by Flopsy September 12, 2004
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Same Italian definition of "chuch." It is just the Long Island pronuciation.
Ming, I can't believe that hot hole Marie is bangin' that juch Anthony.
by Giggy December 12, 2007
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The ability of North Korean people to come back to life after reportedly been executed or died due to illness. Named after the DPRK state ideology, Juche, which is translated to "self-reliance".
Person 1: BBC reports that Kim Jong-un has disappeared from the state media and is probably dead.
Person 2: Just give it a few weeks. The power of Juche necromancy will resurrect him.
by portfar September 20, 2021
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A term often used among Leftists to describe those who follow North Korea’s ruling Juche ideology and usually, by extension, Kim Jong Un
Comrade 1: Gee I went to that Leftist club during lunchtime yesterday and all they were talking about was Kim Il Sung

Comrade 2: Ah, looks like Juche Gang have infiltrated the club then
by Slav Man November 3, 2019
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North Korean propaganda music usually related to the musical group Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble named after The Battle of Pochonbo. The 'Juche' part of the name comes from North Korea's ideology of self-subsistence. For more information see Juche
Person 1: What kind of music do you like?
Person 2: K pop
Person 2: Oh so like bts blackpink that type of stuff?
Person 1: Nah I'm more into the Juche pop subculture
Person 2: Whats that?
Person 1: Yeah don't worry about it.
by NAK0 August 25, 2020
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Special edition of the Nissan Juke mini-SUV for high-ranking members of the Workers' Party of Korea.
One of the highlights of the military parade was several Nissan Juche's driving in formation.
by necrolator October 11, 2013
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the Juche Idea
the official state ideology of the Korean Workers' Party, which has been dominating the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK); is based on the teachings of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il’s father, and guides the DPRK to act more on its own initiative in foreign affairs, rather than follow policies dictated elsewhere
1) an idea, concept, plan etc that is flawed
Your business plan is really the Juche Idea. It would bankrupt the company and starve all employees and their families to death. Rejected.
by Amamo-chan January 30, 2006
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