A substitute for profanity, esp. fuck, mostly in places where profanity is filtered/prohibited
The farking game just died on me!
by Concerto November 06, 2003
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A site full of entertaining news stories, "boobies" links, and "photoshop" links, but forums that are filled with really annoying people and mods that ban and silence without discretion.
Saw this article about a 3-year-old drug dealer on Fark. Right between the Star Wars photoshop contest and the Praise Drew the Webmaster article.
by AyeRoxor November 19, 2003
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Fark (Verb): To heavily distort music at a fast BPM or Tempo (Example: Blank Space at 200 BPM) with Kickdrums or Bassdrums in electronic music such as: Pieps, Donks, Boinks, Doinks, Bonks, Gated Kicks, Laser Kicks, or any other type of kick (termed by the artist GPF; used when censoring music).
Music Playing: "Because everytime we 'Fark' I get a feeling, and everytime we "Fark" I reach for skies.."
I just wanna say 'Fark' ya know? Get the edge off.
by Hey_x October 15, 2021
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People who use their phones more than doing something useful are known as Farks. Farks are so common these days whereas they use the phones for nearly every purposes.
Grandma: Leeban, stop using the phone and eat the shit I made for you?

Leeban: No thanks Hag! *Uses the phone*
Grandma: Stop being a Fark, you adopted Scum!
by Leeban October 03, 2018
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Fark: the Australian national bird call.

It was the plaintive cry of the crow adopted by the original inhabitants of Australia as their clarion call.

It was borne on the wind, through the trees, down the beach and across the water at the landing of the First Fleet. It was there at Gallipoli, Flanders, Kokoda and Khe Sahn. It rode with Breaker Morant and froze with Douglas Mawson; it flew with Kingsford Smith and Andy Thomas to the end of the earth and beyond; it ran in beside Keith Miller at Lords and texted Shane Warne in Durban; it raced up into the stands with Pat Cash and soared above the pack with Gary Ablett; it shat on Don Bradman's cap.

It’s been there in disappointment, shock, elation, amazement, pain and anger.

It’s breathed character into the language of every sporting field, workplace, farm, back-yard shed, school, public house and parliament.

It’s brought life to literature, books and magazines, the common touch to theatre and moving pictures; was immortalized on the flickering blue screen by Graham Kennedy.

Fark, fark, fark, fark, fark!
by Frank Blunt May 27, 2006
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To fark; is verb used to describe an action or event of great awesome or important value in the eyes of any person.
That party was farking awesome

That car was just farked

To fark or not to fark
by therealfarq November 15, 2009
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After realizing after you sober up that the girl you nailed the night before was your sister.
Oh Fark. Oh Fark. Oh Fark.
by Some Farker October 07, 2003
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