31 definition by Flip

A woman's natural lube for anal sex.
Bob waited for jane to have diahrrea before the backdoor adventure could begin.
by Flip March 11, 2005

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(Brit. Slang) Humorous term for use when something – usually a task - goes badly and disastrously wrong. Similar to "Pete Tong" or “tits up”.
"Oops. That was a bit of an abortion."
by flip February 16, 2005

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Contraction of "shrimp" pioneered by Adam Hahn and Flip Tanedo in 2005 following a program by Donnovan Somera of the Vaden Health Center at Stanford.
Adam and I were planning on going to Red Lobster to order some of our favorite dishes, such as crawfish, scallops, prawn, and jumbo shria.
by Flip February 06, 2005

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a diffrent wording of herpes. a foot is also a mesurement.
look bob has a foot of herpes on his penis he must of slep with that slut womnda again
by flip December 06, 2002

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When a car overpowers grip and slides around turns.
My 240SX will drift your Honda off the track!
by Flip May 01, 2002

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Dench like in nature!
Doodle, your such a Doodle.
by flip January 20, 2004

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Kindest way to say "fat."
Katie is a plus-size model because she's fat but would be attractive if she wasn't.
by Flip April 26, 2004

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