Fresh Off the Boat

Individuals who have immigrated to a new country, and therefore are new and clueless to the cultures, trends and interests of that new country. With this, most tend to limit to hanging out with other fellow fobs are those who are at least still exercising the same native cultural values and trends, in order to stay in their zone of social cultural comfort, and alienating themselves from others of different cultures and most things associated.

This term is however mostly apply to individuals who are between ages 13-40, maybe higher, as the most distinguishable feature of Fobs are their style of clothing, appearance trends and hobbies, which are the most prominent in that age range.

There are usually 2 types of Fobs..
1. Hip Fobs - most easy to identified, usually dressed in clothes and hairstyles and has hobbies and interests popular to their native country.
2. Home Fobs - harder to identified, they dress in very generic and typical clothing and appearance. You usually cannot tell they are fobs until you hear them speak with their accents. And they usually have less social life as compared to their "hip" counterparts. But with this, it allows them to assimilated easier with other cultures as they don't have any existing fob friends for them to limit themselves with to.
Sunny and Bobo sure are Fobs. They have immigrated here to the U.S for more than 10 years from Taiwan. Yet, they don't have a single non-Taiwanese friend, they dress exactly like an asian pop star, they only eat in Asian and fusion places and they still don't know enough English to be able to even converse.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out October 17, 2011
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The word fob is a slang exclusive to Qatar. A Fob is a male or a group of males who all hang out in their obnoxious fuck boy outfits. Mostly consisting of extra long t-shirts, Off-white, Supreme and other hype-beast tops or sweatpants. They are found cruising or wandering in and around the vicinity of Villagio shopping mall as well as The Pearl Qatar on Thursday and Fridays evenings. They look like trouble, but really aren’t that hard, and have really odd snapchat stories of their coffees or of them vaping with the dog filter.

They’re instagram names need consist of at least one “x”, “.” or “_” character and tend to be quite short and have nothing to do with their actual names.

Similar to the Dubai term “Chamak
1) “bro let’s go to villagio”

nah bro it’s fob central right now”

2) *sends a cringe video of vaping outside a mall*
“ bro that’s such fob behaviour”
by An007 August 17, 2020
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Means Fresh-Off-Boat, but in Australia esp.NSW and QLD used to refer to a Pacific Islander particularly, a Polynesian (Not offensive)
A Fob can be anyone of the following: Tongan, Samoan, Cook Islander, Hawaiian, Niuean, Rapanui, Maori
by T.A.T May 18, 2007
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FOB - is a degrading term for people not up to date on the culture which is an abbreviation for (Fresh Of the Boat.)
meaning you still carry your sense of fashion from your country which clashes with the current countries cultures.

Origin: Hawaii 60's

Local Hawaiians used it to refer to white people who came from mainland US to Hawaii. Its was used a lot by locals and surfers. it was to refer to white people who wasn't up to date on the culture.

It is now used a lot by Asians to refer to immigrant Asians of the same sense.
"Man! whats up with your shoes? thats fob!"

"Dood! check out the howlie with the yellow hat. what a fob."
by Lec2 February 9, 2003
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